Parking is available on the local streets and within Balboa Park. Free parking closest to the event (6th & Laurel) will fill up well before 9 a.m.

  • Street Parking
    • Parking closest to the Event will be on city streets
    • on 6th Ave. (FREE; borders Park)
    • on Balboa Dr. (FREE; just inside Park, parallel to 6th)
    • various city side streets (some are free, some are metered, most are time-limited)
  • Neighborhood Parking Lots
  • Balboa Park — Parking Lots & Tram Service
    • Map of the park’s major parking lots (FREE)
    • Balboa Park’s tram service (FREE) begins operation at 9 a.m.
      NOTE: Balboa Park used to offer tram service out to 6th & Laurel, but that service is no longer running. It is about a half-mile walk from the San Diego Museum of Art area (the closest tram stop) to the Walk For Life event location.