A Beautiful Solution to a Challenging Situation

By Lynda MacFarland There are approximately two million couples in the U.S. who would love to adopt a baby, yet less than 1% of those experiencing an unplanned pregnancy choose the adoption option. It’s too often never discussed or considered as a viable plan of...

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A (Shooting) Star Is Born

By Lynda MacFarland Little Baby E was born to eternal life on March 11th. It was also his birthday, the actual day that we was born: March 11, 2019. At the 35th week of gestation, his birth was awaited with great joy and anticipation by those who already loved him....

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Why We Walk

By Lynda MacFarlandI’ve been thinking a lot about the San Diego Walk for Life lately. As a member of the 2020 planning committee, that’s not surprising. But I probably would be thinking about it anyway as I have been struggling with ways to let the world know what the...

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Public Policy: How can you make a difference?

by John Gerardi of Right to life of Central CaliforniaIn California, there are a lot of bad proposed laws (and some good ones) relating to abortion and other issues we care about at Right to Life of Central California. Here are some examples: Bad: SB 24: This bill...

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Live, Serve, Embrace Life

By Lynda MacFarlandCompassion is a wonderful quality in human beings. I would say that it’s an indispensable quality, a virtue even, in a civilized society. When an individual has compassion toward another human being, that can only be a good thing. Conversely, when...

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San Diego Walk for Life History

By CommitteeThe San Diego Walk for Life began in 2013 and has been held annually to the present time. Each Walk occurs on or near the January 22, 1973 anniversary date of the US Supreme Court’s infamous Roe v Wade Decision that “found” in our US Constitution a...

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